Journey of Magic: Island Shangri-La’s Season of Wonders

Journey of Magic: Island Shangri-La's Season of Wonders

Welcome to a Journey of Magic world and joy at Island Shangri-La as the holiday season approaches. Join us on a magical trip where old traditions are brought back to life and new memories are made. The whole family will have a great time and laugh a lot.

Journey of Magic: Island Shangri-La: Making Memories with Family

Journey of Magic: Island Shangri-La's Season of Wonders

Family is the most important thing to us at Island Shangri-La. We believe in making memories that bring people together. Our carefully chosen offers make sure that there is something special for every member of the family, whether they want to enjoy festive foods at the Christmas market, go on an adventure through the city on “The Shangri-La Wonderliner” tram tour, or give themselves a special spa wellness experience.

Enjoy the holiday magic

Get lost in the Santa House, where the holiday spirit comes to life and memories are made that will last a lifetime. “Make Your First Nutcracker” and “Design Your Very Own Shangri-La Airship” are just a few of the awesome classes for kids. You can look around the beautiful Christmas Market, which has tasty treats like an exclusive line of candies that will tempt any chocolate lover.

At Island Shangri-La, we don’t just welcome guests from all over the world; we also share the Christmas spirit with people in the area through our special Heep Hong Charity Hamper. This carefully chosen collection is not only fun to look at, but it also helps a good cause. The hamper sales will raise money for the Heep Hong Society, which helps Hong Kong children with special schooling needs.

Journey of Magic: A fun trip through cities on “The Shangri-La Wonderliner”

“The Shangri-La Wonderliner” bus tour is a once-in-a-lifetime chance to experience a mix of eastern and western cultures. Bring together the popular “ding ding” tram ride in the area with a great eating adventure. Start a fun trip through the city and enjoy a delicious afternoon tea while taking in Hong Kong’s colorful fabric.

Treat Your Taste Buds at Cafe TOO

Cafe TOO has a big holiday spread that looks like it will be a feast for your taste buds. Roasted Turkey, Boston Lobster, and Snow Crab Clusters are all delicious. Don’t forget to save room for the delicious holiday desserts that will please even the sweetest tooth.

Island Shangri-La is ready to make your holidays magical in the spirit of the season. Come with us on this amazing journey full of holiday treats, family fun, and the spirit of giving. You won’t want to miss this season of wonders, where every moment is planned to make you and your loved ones happy and give you memories that will last a lifetime.